Re:public - Developing digital communications for a fit-out company.

BRAND EXPERIENCE • WEBSITE - Developing digital & brand communications for a fit-out company.

Working closely along side the re:public team to understand their visual identity and further develop the visual communication. This type of full immersion is what really allowed us to get to grips with their vision. We created a digital space that conveyed the raw feeling that they wished to express, a space where quality and attention to detail trumped quantity and that stood out in comparison to their competitors.  



Re:public is a new architectural fitout company with a big vision and planning to disrupt the space it is growing in. It’s brand concept had been created by the time we met, so we had to develop the visual communication and make sure it was cohesive in the digital space.

Our partnership brings the raw emotion that lies at the core of re:public forward. We had to conceptualise that it’s more than just an architectural fitout company, it’s a collection of masters of the craft who have an intimate connection with what they do, from the designs to the materials.



We developed the visual communication of the brand.
We created a website that relays their core vision and values.


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