Horizon Foods

Horizonfoods.com - Digital transformation of a brand with heritage.


Horizonfoods.com - Digital transformation of a brand with heritage.

Horizon foods are one of London’s largest, deeply traditional, west-indian food manufacturers. They have been around for over 40 years and have been running business as usual since they started. Being that the current business climate is considerably different from 40 years ago, they realised it was time for a change and they wanted to go through a rebrand and have a website. This would allow their customers to interact with them digitally, not just over the phone.



Our challenge was to really understand the roots of the company, and the story of how they got to where they are today. The company is a family owned business and has a completely solid idea of who they are. Conveying their story and making their brand a digital experience was at the core of this project.



We took their story and translated that into a brand that works in the digital space.
Creation of a website for them to communicate to their customers. 
Create designs for their packaging, labelling and internal communication.
We conducted a product photoshoot.



We conveyed their company story through their new branding. This was an update of visual identity and communication. This project was a massive amount of fun, we created packaging designs for various steps of the sales process, labels for their products and design for internal documents. On top of that we had the opportunity to conduct a photoshoot and create a visual representation of their products (which are delicious by the way). Finally we combined all of these aspects into a website and turned it into a platform where they can communicate their brand with existing & future customers.  


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